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Customs at Schiphol Airport seize in excess of a 1000 prohibited drugs

On Saturday 26 March 2011 Customs at Schiphol Airport arrested a woman carrying more than 800 ointment tubes and 212 bottles of ...

News item | 01-04-2011 | 11:32

Consumer welcomes extra punishment for shop-lifters

From now on shop-lifters who are caught in the act have to pay damages to the robbed shopkeepers. Research shows that more than ...

News item | 29-03-2011 | 09:10

Violence committed under the influence of alcohol or drugs will be punished more severely

Minister Opstelten of Security and Justice intends to punish violent offences committed under the influence of alcohol or drugs ...

News item | 25-03-2011 | 09:32

Transfer of prison sentences in Europe accelerated and simplified

EU member states have agreed to recognize each other’s sentences, so that sentenced persons can be transferred quicker and easier ...

News item | 25-03-2011 | 09:15

Reoffenders of very serious crimes to be punished more severely

Minister of Security and Justice Opstelten and State Secretary Teeven want to increase the sentence for criminals who reoffend ...

News item | 23-03-2011 | 09:47

Inspectorate: consider special psychiatric treatment units for detainees in TBS-institutions

In future, detainees with a mental disorder may receive treatment in forensic units that have been specially equipped to their ...

News item | 23-03-2011 | 09:44

Remarkable drugs seizures at Schiphol Airport

The Customs and the Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary made some remarkable drugs seizures last week. During various checks, ...

News item | 22-03-2011 | 11:01

Stricter approach to the illegal production of cannabis

All acts of persons and companies in preparation and facilitation of the illegal production of cannabis will be made liable to ...

News item | 18-03-2011 | 09:41

Joint priorities for special investigative services

The special investigative services are joining forces in their fight against crime. The council of ministers has agreed to a ...

News item | 18-03-2011 | 09:33

Intensive cooperation between the police, Ministry of Justice and banks against Internet fraud

The National Police Services Agency (KLPD), the National Public Prosecutors' Office and the banks are joining forces to prevent ...

News item | 14-03-2011 | 10:39