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Investigators see a clear link between a lawyer advising his client prior to police questioning and his presence during the interrogation

The experiment of having lawyers attend police interrogations of suspects has been successful. For two years the police and the ...

News item | 16-11-2010 | 16:41

First National Trend Report Cybercrime and Digital Security: safe internet crucial to society and economy

The first National Trend Report on Cybercrime and Digital Security has been published today. For the first time, the AIVD ...

News item | 16-11-2010 | 16:27

Vigilance and alertness during large-scale events

Minister Opstelten (Security and Justice) wants municipalities, the police and the Public Prosecution Service to structurally ...

News item | 10-11-2010 | 16:56

Presentation of first National Trend Report on Cyber Crime and Digital Security

Symposium Change in progress, working on a secure cyber society

News item | 09-11-2010 | 16:59

Measure against lack of safety in public areas

In future, the courts can impose an exclusion order, obligation to report or an order prohibiting contact on offenders for a ...

News item | 08-11-2010 | 17:07

Leave policy TBS tightened further

TBS-convicted persons that abscond from leave will in future not be allowed to go on leave for at least one year. State Secretary ...

News item | 05-11-2010 | 17:09

Press Invitation to attend the Open Day held by the Correctional Institutions Agency on 6 November

On Saturday 6 November 2010, State Secretary for Security and Justice Teeven will officially open the seventh National Open Day ...

News item | 02-11-2010 | 17:13

Customs find cocaine in curry powder

Last week, Customs made a singular catch at Schiphol Airport. Half a kilo of cocaine had been mixed with curry powder in a ...

News item | 26-10-2010 | 13:27

FIOD arrests suspects of illegal trade in DVDs and CDs

Last Tuesday, the FIOD (Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service) arrested three men as part of an international ...

News item | 22-10-2010 | 13:30

Right to Early Placement in a TBS Institution

On 20 October 2010, the Appeals Committee of the Criminal Law Application and Juvenile Protection Council (RSJ) delivered ...

News item | 20-10-2010 | 09:18