One Conference 2016 ‘Protecting Bits and Atoms’: ‘Digital security limiting condition for our future’

‘Digital security and therefore making safe and undisturbed use of IT possibilities, is a limiting condition for the proper functioning of society and therefore our future’. With these words State Secretary Dijkhoff (Security and Justice) emphasizes the importance of the international One Conference 2016 of the National Cyber Security Centre (NCSC). ‘We can't just simply wait to see what will happen. The rate of cyber domain developments necessitate an uninterrupted effort from both the public as well as private parties, nationally and internationally’, says Dijkhoff. Nowadays, there are even slow cookers that connect to WiFi. But what if their security is compromised and people get access to personal email accounts, Facebook or bank details. Since the digital and physical world have become increasingly more interwoven, this has become a realistic cyber threat. Digital resources today make our daily lives a little easier, but all this new technology also make us dependent on things that are vulnerable.

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