State Secretary Dijkhoff visits Berlin.

State Secretary Dijkhoff is in Berlin on a study visit in relation to cyber security and migration.

Last Monday’s shocking attack was naturally discussed extensively. On Wednesday State Secretary Dijkhoff signed the condolence register in the Gedächtniskirche. On behalf of the Cabinet he expressed his condolence to the survivors and to the families of the victims.

On Thursday evening he spoke with State Secretary Haber from Internal Affairs about migration. Although the flood of asylum seekers through Turkey and Greece has greatly diminished, an enduring long-term solution to the migration problem is still sorely needed. Dijkhoff: "This solution lies in the first place outside Europe. We have to work together with countries outside the EU if we are going to lead the influx of asylum seekers in the right direction. The first step is the speedy repatriation of people without residency permits."

The remainder of Thursday was devoted to cyber security. The number of cyber attacks is growing and they are also becoming more complex. State Secretary Dijkhoff: "That demands joint action with other member states and with the business community".

Dijkhoff: "Cyber security threats are not simply cross-border; they disregard borders. That is why we have to cooperate at a practical level". He spoke about this with State Secretary of Internal Affairs and CIO of the Federal Government Klaus Vitt. They agreed that Germany and the Netherlands are going to investigate how they can cooperate more closely in this area.

An important pillar of Dutch cyber security-policy is cooperation with the business community. Public-private cooperation is essential where the sharing of knowledge, expertise and information is concerned. That is why he also spoke with various large companies to see how the safety of critical infrastructure can be guaranteed even better.