Minister Koenders launches international cyberspace commission

At the Munich Security Conference on Saturday, foreign minister Bert Koenders announced the launch of the Global Commission on the Stability of Cyberspace (GCSC). ‘This new commission is coming at the right time, given the upsurge in cybersecurity issues and fake news,’ said Mr Koenders.

The GCSC will bring together 24 prominent, independent experts from 15 countries representing the public sector, the business community and the IT sector. Members of the commission will draw on their expertise to propose standards for conduct in cyberspace. The commission will receive support from several parties, including Microsoft and organisations active in the field, such as the Internet Society. Internet pioneer Vint Cerf will have a special advisory role.

The Netherlands is the world’s largest internet hub and is home to Europe’s most ICT-intensive economies. ‘In cyberspace, major Dutch interests are at play; there are huge opportunities for economic growth and development but also increasing threats. Our infrastructure is becoming ever more dependent on the internet. Clarity on international standards is a matter of national importance,’ said the minister.

The GCSC will be based in The Hague and will be chaired by former foreign minister of Estonia Marina Kaljurand. The Netherlands is one of the founding members.

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