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Koenders kicks off cyber conference

Foreign minister Bert Koenders has welcomed 1,800 participants from over 100 countries to the Global Conference on CyberSpace in ...

News item | 16-04-2015 | 13:37

State Secretary Klaas Dijkhoff calls for more cooperation for a safer internet

Cooperation between governments, businesses and knowledge institutions is the key to a safer and freer internet. Speaking to more ...

News item | 14-04-2015 | 09:24

Koenders: ‘The world needs to see to it that the internet stays free, open and safe’

‘Almost every day, incidents like the Sony hack remind us that it is high time that governments and the private sector join ...

News item | 11-02-2015 | 10:25

Koenders: ‘Cyber attack on Sony is deeply troubling’

‘The Netherlands is concerned about the cyber attack on Sony,’ said foreign minister Bert Koenders. Last week the corporation was ...

News item | 22-12-2014 | 12:42

Minister Opstelten and State Secretary pursue security policy with vigour

In 2015 Minister Opstelten and State Secretary Teeven will continue their work on implementing the measures that were taken in ...

News item | 16-09-2014 | 15:15

Government to introduce stiffer penalties for computer crime

Criminals who destroy digital data, render computer systems inaccessible by tampering with passwords and cause computers to crash ...

News item | 23-05-2014 | 11:10

Opstelten invests in fighting cyber crime

Minister Opstelten (Security and Justice) is submitting measures that will enable the police and the public prosecution office to ...

News item | 25-02-2014 | 15:53

Collaboration between government and business strengthened in new cyber security strategy

The Minister of Security and Justice Ivo Opstelten today unveiled the government’s second National Cyber Security Strategy in a ...

News item | 28-10-2013 | 14:01

Alert Online encourages safe online behaviour

Owing in part to incidents, people have a better notion of what cyber security means. Nevertheless, ICT users' perception of risk ...

News item | 28-10-2013 | 12:58

Netherlands to host international Cyberspace Conference in 2015

The Netherlands will host the fourth international Cyberspace Conference in 2015. This was announced on the final day of the ...

News item | 18-10-2013 | 15:41