Delta Act, Delta Commissioner and Delta Fund

The Delta Act stipulates that the Delta Programme has to be updated every year. The aim of the Delta Programme is to ensure that the Netherlands is well protected from flooding, adapts to extreme climate impacts and has adequate supplies of freshwater. The Act also specifies that there must be a Delta Programme Commissioner who oversees the updating of the Delta Programme and the way it is carried out. The Act also provides for a Delta Fund to finance the Delta Programme.

Requirements of the Delta Programme

Agreements on the Delta Programme are set out in the Delta Act: 

  • Every year on Budget Day an updated edition of the Delta Programme is presented to parliament.
  • The plans in the Delta Programme protect the Netherlands from flooding.
  • The plans in the Delta Programme ensure sufficient supplies of freshwater.
  • The plans in the Delta Programme ensure that the Netherlands adapts to climate change.
  • The Delta Programme includes a schedule and an overview of the costs.

Role of the Delta Programme Commissioner

Delta Act also describes the role of the Delta Programme Commissioner. The Delta Programme Commissioner updates the Delta Programme for the government each year and is responsible for making sure it is carried out. Information on the Programme and the Commissioner’s recommendations can be found on the website

Delta Fund: financing the Delta Programme

All the measures in the Delta Programme are financed from the Delta Fund. This a separate item on the central government budget. An average of €1.25 billion a year has been earmarked for the Delta Fund up to 2032. More than 55 per cent of this amount is for investment in new measures. The remaining 45 per cent is needed for overheads and to cover the costs of management and maintenance.