Ploumen’s policy results in 190,000 jobs

The 2016 edition of development minister Lilianne Ploumen’s ‘Development Results in Perspective’ report gives insight into the Netherlands’s achievements through development. And all the information is easier than ever to access on the new Dutchdevelopmentresults website. ‘With just a few clicks, everyone can see what we achieved in 2015,’ Ms Ploumen said.

In her letter to the House of Representatives accompanying the report, the minister highlighted results in the field of work and income. Last year Dutch programmes to strengthen the private sector created or maintained 190,000 jobs. Out of every 10 jobs, 4 were for women. And the Netherlands did even more to boost employment, creating a further 77,000 jobs through major contributions to international organisations like the World Bank and UNDP.

The report sets out the achievements by development theme. For example, thanks to Dutch efforts in 2015 18 million people had a higher and more nutritious food intake and 21 million people accessed clean drinking water and improved sanitation, such as water pumps and toilets. Other key results include the 7 million farmers who increased their production, the safety inspections of 500 garment factories in Bangladesh, ‘dry feet’ for 14 million people living in deltas at risk of flooding, and education on STDs, contraceptives and family planning for 37 million young people.