Results site: accessible portal opens up the world of development cooperation

Wednesday 17 May is Accountability Day. This is the day when the Dutch Minister of Finance presents the central government annual financial report to Parliament, along with the central government annual report. This report includes the development cooperation results that the Ministry of Foreign Affairs (BZ) has achieved in the past year. The results can now be viewed in a portal that’s accessible to everyone.

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Ugandan young people are trained in the agricultural sector in the context of private sector development.

The ‘results reports’ on the portal gives an inside look, not only at development cooperation results, but also at the open data (in accordance with International Aid Transparency Initiative standards) for all BZ activities. The portal also gives an overview of spending on each area.

The information in the results report is accessible to everyone, not just members of Parliament and journalists but also the general public. The results can be viewed by theme or by country.

Here are some results for 2022:

Private Sector Development

Private sector development programmes focus on small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in low- and middle-income countries. In 2022 Dutch development programmes helped to generate direct jobs and supported business plans in the private sector.

Security and the Rule of Law

Programmes in this theme focus on improving security and the rule of law in the Sahel, the Horn of Africa, the Great Lakes region, North Africa, the Middle East and Afghanistan. Demining activities in various countries in these regions resulted in the release of over 14 million square metres of land. In addition, 729,000 people obtained access to the courts.


By signing the Paris Agreement, the Netherlands, like other rich countries, promised that it would help developing countries combat climate change. The Netherlands funded a wide range of activities in this theme in 2022. For example, 3.4 million people gained access to renewable energy, 4.3 million hectares of sustainable forest were planted, and more than 10 million farmers were supported in making their farming more resilient to climate change.

Food Security

The Netherlands is investing in better nutrition, agricultural development and sustainable land use. This shows that food security is a major priority for Dutch development cooperation, particularly with a view to achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals. More than 23 million people were reached in 2022 with activities focusing on better food. We also helped small-scale food producers raise their productivity, and made substantial investments in sustainable land use.


Water management is a global priority for Dutch development cooperation, as we made clear recently at the UN Water Conference. Dutch development funding was used last year to give millions of people access to improved water sources and sanitation.