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Rosenthal: Many business opportunities in Southeast Asia

Foreign minister Uri Rosenthal has held a series of bilateral talks with Asian government ministers in the margins of the meeting ...

News item | 01-05-2012 | 12:34

Netherlands calls on other countries to acknowledge that young people are sexually active

It is a fact that young people all over the world have sex. An open and pragmatic approach to sexuality paves the way to fewer ...

News item | 25-04-2012 | 09:52

Netherlands plays a leading role in food security

Strengthening the agriculture sector and food security is crucial to developing countries becoming self-sufficient. This is why ...

News item | 23-04-2012 | 15:20

Knapen discusses aid architecture reform

‘The international aid architecture needs to tie in with the new reality of emerging countries and new capital flows - much more ...

News item | 23-04-2012 | 12:22

Knapen and IPPF head discuss taboo on sex

Breaking the taboo on young people’s sexuality, and respecting their right to the information and care they need. This was the ...

News item | 13-04-2012 | 14:52

Developing countries benefit from EU free trade agreement and revision of Cotonou, says Knapen

Speaking at a parliamentary debate on Thursday 12 April 2012, the Minister for European Affairs and International Cooperation Ben ...

News item | 13-04-2012 | 14:49

Dutch suspends development cooperation with Mali

The Netherlands has suspended development cooperation with the Malian government until civilian rule is reinstated. This move has ...

News item | 05-04-2012 | 00:00

World Water Day: the Netherlands leads the field in water for development

Minister for European Affairs and International Cooperation Ben Knapen wants companies, knowledge institutions and civil society ...

News item | 22-03-2012 | 00:00

Knapen concerned about situation in Mali

Ben Knapen, Minister for International Cooperation, is following the situation in Mali closely, partly with an eye to Dutch ...

News item | 22-03-2012 | 00:00

The Netherlands and Qatar to work together towards food security

The Netherlands and Qatar plan to work together towards food security in Africa. This was agreed on Tuesday by Minister for ...

News item | 19-03-2012 | 10:34