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Ploumen pleased: no cuts to development cooperation necessary

Minister for Development Cooperation Lilianne Ploumen is pleased with the news that extra money is being made available for the ...

News item | 27-11-2015 | 16:22

Ploumen tells Security Council: we need greater focus on preventing conflict

Development cooperation and foreign trade minister Lilianne Ploumen will address the UN Security Council today in New York. The ...

News item | 17-11-2015 | 10:40

‘Refugee crisis demands New Deal with Africa’

Europeans and Africans must work together more effectively to tackle the current problems associated with the many refugees and ...

News item | 07-11-2015 | 11:24

Ploumen: World Bank vital to managing refugee crisis

Trade and development minister Lilianne Ploumen believes the World Bank has a vital part to play in the international response to ...

News item | 12-10-2015 | 19:18

Successful health insurance programmes in Nigeria, Kenya, Ghana and Tanzania

Foreign trade and development minister Lilianne Ploumen is extending Dutch funding to the Health Insurance Fund (HIF) for a ...

News item | 09-10-2015 | 09:44

Sustainable Development Goals for 2030 mark new stage in international cooperation

With the signing of the 2030 Global Goals for Sustainable Development, international cooperation has entered a new stage. As the ...

News item | 28-09-2015 | 12:25

The Netherlands, Mexico and Malawi team up to tackle floods in Malawi

‘The Netherlands, Mexico and Malawi represent a changing world and a different way of achieving development goals. Traditional ...

News item | 04-09-2015 | 00:00

Ploumen welcomes evaluation of development organisations

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is pleased with the positive assessment of the contributions made by a great number of civil ...

News item | 02-09-2015 | 14:28

Netherlands to invest in pioneering role in sexual health

Girls being forced to marry older men, HIV infections and AIDS, unwanted and teenage pregnancy: in many developing countries ...

News item | 01-09-2015 | 15:38

Substantial aid package for victims of conflicts in Syria, Iraq and Yemen

The humanitarian crises in Syria, Iraq and Yemen have reached unprecedented proportions, with more than 45 million people now ...

News item | 28-08-2015 | 20:34