Climate change

Climate change can undermine the successful results of development achieved to date. So the Netherlands is helping developing countries take measures to mitigate  and its impact.

How is the Netherlands supporting international measures against climate change in developing countries?

  • Funding, knowledge and expertise
    The Netherlands has a special fund for financing climate projects in developing countries, the Dutch Fund for Climate and Development. This makes Dutch knowledge and expertise about water security, climate-resilient agriculture, sustainable energy and the circular economy available to these countries. The Netherlands also supports a range of international climate funds and programmes.
  • Clean, sustainable energy
    The Dutch government is investing in programmes that make clean and sustainable energy available. One is the Green Climate Fund (GCF), which seeks to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in developing countries. Another is the Global Alliance for Clean Cookstoves, which fosters the adoption of environmentally clean energy for cooking. The Netherlands also stimulates private sector investment in climate financing, such as Climate Investor One (CIO) for sustainable energy in developing countries.
  • Combating deforestation
    The Netherlands works to combat deforestation. It supports the secretariat of the Tropical Rainforest Alliance 2020 as well as the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), in which governments, businesses and non-governmental organisations (NGOs) work together to promote deforestation-free trade and the conservation of valuable forests.

Climate profiles

Climate profiles are closely connected with development cooperation policy and measures. To make this information accessible, the Netherlands has designed climate change profiles for its focus countries.