Renewing a driving licence

You may need to renew your driving licence when, for example, if your licence expires.  You then apply for a new driving licence from your municipality.

Last updated on 27 May 2022

When to renew a driving licence

You must renew your driving licence if: 

  • your driving licence has expired; 
  • you pass the test for another driving licence category; 
  • your driving licence is no longer legible, for example, if it is damaged. 

Read more about when you need to renew your driving licence (in Dutch). 

There are different rules for Dutch drivers licence holders if they want to renew their licence whilst abroad. This is dependent on the country they are in. The website has information on renewing your driving licence abroad.

Applying for and collecting a driving licence in person

You must apply to renew your driving licence in person at your municipality and collect it from there as well. When collecting your new licence you then return your old driving licence to the municipality. 

For more information, contact your municipality.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Driving Licence Regulation, Articles 26 to 49 

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