Rules for the commercial use of drones

If you earn money with your drone, you must comply with the rules for commercial use of drones. You will also need certain licences. This is how the government ensures that drone use is as safe as possible.

Commercial use of drones

‘Commercial use’ means that you make money from using your drone. Some examples:

  • taking aerial photos for a video production company;
  • making a promotional video for your business;
  • using a drone in your business operations. This might be the case for inspection companies that need to view sites that are difficult to access.

Applying for a drone licence for commercial use

If you use a drone commercially, you need certain licences. If you fly the drone yourself, you also need to have a pilot’s licence.

You also have to follow the same rules that apply to the recreational use of drones

Penalties for the unlawful use of drones

If you break one of the rules, you may be penalised. This penalty could take the form of a fine. The police may also confiscate your drone. People who repeatedly break the rules could be sentenced to prison.