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I hold dual nationality (British and another nationality) and live in the Netherlands. How will Brexit affect me?

If you have British and Dutch nationality, you can live in the Netherlands. The same applies if you are a national of a different ...

Question and answer

Factsheet Could I lose my Dutch nationality automatically? And how can I avoid this?

Do you have Dutch nationality and do you want to take a second or subsequent nationality? Or do you already have a number of ...

Leaflet | 23-02-2021

Minors and loss of Dutch nationality

Children under the age of 18 can lose their Dutch nationality. For instance, if the father or mother lose their Dutch ...

Leaflet | 28-02-2020

I hold dual nationality (Dutch and another nationality) and I live in the United Kingdom. How will Brexit affect me?

You could automatically lose your Dutch nationality. To keep your Dutch nationality, you need to make sure you always apply for a ...

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As a British citizen, can I apply for Dutch citizenship?

Yes, you can become Dutch by naturalisation or the ‘ option procedure’. 

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Can I acquire Dutch nationality and keep my British nationality?

In some cases, you can. If you apply for Dutch nationality through the ‘option procedure’ instead of the naturalisation ...

Question and answer

Can I apply for British nationality without losing my Dutch nationality?

You automatically lose your Dutch nationality if you voluntarily acquire British nationality as an adult. There are 3 exceptions ...

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Could I lose my Dutch nationality by having dual nationality?

If you are a dual national, you can lose your Dutch nationality if you have lived outside the Kingdom of the Netherlands or the ...

Question and answer

What will change if I acquire Dutch nationality?

When you acquire Dutch nationality, you will be registered as a Dutch national in the Personal Records Database. This means you ...

Question and answer

What happens at a naturalisation ceremony in the Netherlands?

A naturalisation ceremony is a ceremony for people who have become Dutch nationals through naturalisation or the option ...

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