Losing Dutch nationality

You can lose your Dutch nationality. It does not matter if you have been Dutch from birth, or have taken Dutch nationality later in life. You can lose your Dutch nationality automatically, or it may be revoked by the authorities.

Automatic loss of Dutch nationality

You can lose your Dutch nationality automatically. For example, if you voluntarily acquire another nationality or if you sign a declaration renouncing your Dutch nationality.

Revoking of Dutch nationality by the authorities

It is also possible for the authorities to revoke your Dutch nationality. For instance, if you obtained Dutch nationality by fraudulent means. Or if you join an organisation that poses a threat to national security.

Campaign to prevent unintentional loss of Dutch nationality

In the toolkit 'Dubbele Nationaliteit? Raak je Nederlandse niet kwijt! ' (Dual national? Don't lose your Dutch nationality!) , you will find downloadable campaign resources so you can inform others how to avoid automatically losing their Dutch nationality. You could share this information via Facebook or your own website for instance.

There is also a Factsheet Could I lose my Dutch nationality automatically? And how can I avoid this?, which explains all you need to know about losing your Dutch nationality automatically. And how to avoid doing so.