Voting in elections from abroad

If you are a Dutch national living abroad, you can still cast your vote in Dutch and European Parliamentary elections.

Last updated on 19 May 2021

Eligibility for voting if you are temporarily staying abroad

If you are temporarily staying abroad, for example for work, study or holidays, then you are entitled to vote if you are still registered with a Dutch municipality. There are two ways to vote if you are temporarily staying abroad:

  • voting by post;
  • voting by proxy.

If you are abroad during elections for the Provincial Councils, water boards or municipal councils, you can only vote by proxy. Voting by post from abroad is not possible for these elections.

Eligibility to vote if you are living abroad

If you have Dutch nationality and you live abroad and are no longer registered in a Dutch municipality, you can only vote in elections for the lower house of the Dutch Parliament, the European Parliament and advisory referendums. To be able to vote, you must register as a voter with the municipality of The Hague. You will then receive the relevant documents for voting by post for each election.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

Electoral Law

Electoral Decree

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