As a student in tertiary education, am I eligible for financial support for increased energy prices?

You can apply for financial assistance if you are in serious financial difficulty or are at risk of being in serious financial difficulty due to soaring energy prices. To do so, you apply for individual special assistance from the municipality where you are registered. The amount of financial assistance depends on your individual situation.

Eligibility for a contribution towards energy costs

To qualify for a financial contribution, the following conditions apply:

  • You hold citizenship of the Netherlands or its equivalent.
  • You are at least 21 years old.
  • The energy contract where you live and are registered with the municipality is registered in your name.
  •  Your total income is less than €1 310.05 (single) or €1 871.50 (cohabitating couple). This is a maximum of 120% of the social minimum (in Dutch). The following forms of income count towards this total:
    • The maximum amount you can borrow from DUO for living expenses. For MBO (secondary vocational) students this is € 766.06, for HBO and WO (tertiary) students € 932.87. It does not matter whether or not you borrow the maximum amount. The maximum amount you can borrow is included in your total income.
    • Income from work. For example, from a (part-time) job or your own business.
    • Contribution from parents. For example, if parents pay for health insurance or rent.

Please note: Municipalities may impose additional conditions. It is up to the municipality whether the contribution is granted.

Applying for a contribution towards energy costs

You can apply for individual special assistance from the municipality in which you are registered. The municipality decides whether or not you will receive financial assistance and the amount. Contact the municipality for more information.

Payment of the contribution towards energy costs

The municipality decides when the contribution is paid. It can be paid in one lump sum or in several instalments.

Contribution does not affect other benefits

Payment of the contribution does not affect rent, healthcare or childcare benefits that you may receive.