How do I get the €190 contribution to my energy bill in November and December?

As compensation for increasing energy prices, the Government of the Netherlands is offering a contribution to energy bills in the form of a payment of €190 in both November and December 2022. How you get the €190 contribution your energy bill in November and December depends on your energy supplier. You cannot determine this yourself. Your energy supplier can pay you the €190 discount per month in 5 different ways.

Your energy supplier can choose to pay the contribution by:

  • transferring €190 to you via direct debit in November and December;
  • deducting €190 from your monthly bill in November and December or €380 from your final electricity bill;
  • transferring part of the contribution to you, and deducting the other part from your monthly or final electricity bill;
  • deducting €190 from an outstanding bill or payment arrangement in November and December;
  • transfer €380 to you via direct debit after you end the contract.

Your energy supplier will let you know how they will transfer the funds to you.

Right to discount with a small consumer connection

Everyone in the Netherlands who has a small-scale electricity connection (in Dutch) on the 1st day of the months of November and December 2022 will receive the €190 discount that month. However, the building with the connection must be intended for living or working in. For example, a home, office or café. So the discount does not apply, for example, to a garage box with a separate connection and its own energy contract. If you have another separate meter behind your meter, for example for an electric car, you only get the amount for your main connection.

No discount for a high-volume connection

If several households are connected to a large-scale connection, you do not receive a discount. For example, in the case of a collective energy contract. This is because it is not easy to determine whether and how many households are connected to a large-scale connection. The government is still looking for a solution for households with such a joint connection, to allow them to benefit from the price cap from 1 January 2023 (in Dutch).

Questions and answers about the €190 contribution to energy bills in November and December 2022