Energy policy

This main section contains 4 sections:

Energy Agreement for Sustainable Growth

The Energy Agreement for Sustainable Growth, concluded by the government with employers, trade unions, environmental organisations and others, contains provisions on energy conservation, boosting energy from renewable sources and job creation. The government regards this agreement as a major step towards a fully sustainable energy supply.

Main provisions of the agreement

  • More wind turbines

    A thousand new wind turbines are to be built. By 2020, 14% of all energy will be generated from renewable sources, rising to 16% by 2023.
  • Resources for home insulation

    The government is investing €400 million in insulating rented homes. As well as reducing heating costs and emissions of the greenhouse gas CO2, this measure will generate new jobs.
  • More jobs

    Taken together, the investments in energy from renewable sources and energy conservation will create 15,000 jobs.
  • An energy label for every home

    All privately owned and rented homes that have not already been assigned one, will be allocated a provisional energy label starting in 2015, indicating the home’s energy efficiency and raising awareness of energy consumption. This will help encourage people to invest in energy-saving measures, such an insulation and high-efficiency boilers.
  • Tighter agreements on emissions trading

    Tighter European agreements are needed to reduce greenhouse gas emissions. The government wants the EU to take steps to improve the CO2 emissions trading system, to reduce emissions by at least 80% by 2050.
  • National Energy Saving Fund

    Homeowners can take out low-interest loans to fund energy-saving measures, financed by the National Energy Saving Fund, which has a budget of €600 million.
  • Tax breaks for local clean energy initiatives

    Local initiatives in which people club together to generate electricity from sustainable resources will be rewarded with lower energy tax rates for those involved.  This may for example include residents who club together to invest in a large solar panel system, placed on the roof of a school or warehouse.

Progress in implementing the Energy Agreement for Sustainable Growth

The Social and Economic Council (SER) website provides updates on the progress made in implementing the 159 measures and other undertakings laid down in the Energy Agreement for Sustainable Growth. The SER’s Energy Agreement Monitoring Committee will issue annual progress reports.