Foreign company investment

Foreign investors are responsible for some 780,000 jobs in the Netherlands. 

The Top Team for Head Offices works to encourage foreign firms to locate their headquarters in the Netherlands.   The focus lies with companies from emerging economies and businesses in what the Dutch Government has designated as top sectors. 

Business climate

An attractive business climate  is key for encouraging foreign investment.  The Government works closely with other governments and the private sector to attract foreign companies and investors.  Important steps include:

  • Allowing the network of representatives of the Netherlands abroad, such as embassies and consulates, to actively approach new companies, especially in emerging economies (China, India, Brazil, and Russia);
  • Enabling CEOs of foreign companies already located in the Netherlands to serve as mentors for CEOs of companies considering relocation;
  • Visiting foreign companies and investors already located in the Netherlands on a regular basis, to help resolve any issues they may be encountering;
  • Involving representatives from Dutch provinces and municipalities in welcoming economic missions from abroad, in order to point out the advantages of certain locations, such as for example the benefits for a high-tech company of locating in Eindhoven and capitalising on the expertise centres found there;
  • Focusing on the designated leading sectors when drawing investment to the Netherlands, with special attention for head offices and Research and Development.  In addition, a special pilot project has been set up for the chemical industry and the agriculture and food sector to find foreign companies that can strengthen these sectors;    
  • The Netherlands Foreign Investment Agency assists and advises foreign investors.  The NFIA has offices around the world.