Answers for Business launches mobile website in English

Answers for Business has launched an English version of its mobile website. The Dutch mobile website went online in August 2010. This is the first Dutch Government site with a mobile English language site and it also means that the Netherlands is the first EU Member State to offer a point of single contact with a mobile website.

Why have a mobile version?

Answers for Business developed a mobile version of its website due to large increase in the number of visits to the site by mobile users. The number of visits increased from 100 a week in January 2010 to the current level of 350 a week. We expect that mobile visits will substantially increase over the next few years.

The mobile version of the website is more user-friendly for mobile visitors. This was confirmed by entrepreneurs during a usability study. The user-friendliness improvements from the study have now been applied and the website is ready for mobile use.

Why is it in English?

Under the EU Service Directive, all Member States are required to have points of single contact from which EU entrepreneurs in other countries can easily access government information. Answers for Business is the Dutch point of single contact.

To make the information more accessible for all EU entrepreneurs the main website has been translated into English.

The same applies for the website for mobile users abroad. A large increase in the number of these users is also expected, and they must able to easily access this information. This is now possible thanks to the English language site.