De Jager and Bleker launch 'MKB Exportversneller'

On 15 February 2011, Minister De Jager (of Finance) and State Secretary Bleker (of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation) launched together with Atradius Dutch State Business the 'MKB Exportversneller' (export accelerator for small and medium-sized enterprises).

This new government facility is intended to stimulate the export by small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by offering credit insurances. By covering payment risks, SMEs - the driving force of the Dutch economy - can obtain new foreign customers and capture foreign markets.

More export opportunities

Atradius Dutch State Business has offered this coverage on behalf of the government since 1932. However, so far SMEs have only made sparse use of these insurance opportunities. "By speeding up the application procedure and as a result of sound agreements with banks for the support of companies that wish to use the 'MKB Exportversneller', credit insurance now comes easier within reach of small and medium-sized exporters of capital goods. Thus the export opportunities of the Netherlands are extended," says Minister De Jager. According to Mr Bleker, the 'MKB Exportversneller' will contribute to the international trade and growth of the Dutch economy. "It is important that Dutch entrepreneurs continue to export their products, even when the risks are higher. This strengthens the international reputation of the Netherlands as an exporting country."

The 'MKB Exportversneller' is an initiative of the Ministries of Finance, Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation, Atradius Dutch State Business, the Dutch Trade Board and other representatives of the banks and trade and industry, among which FME-CWM. Atradius Dutch State Business, that insures export credit risks on behalf of the government, is the executive organisation of the facility.