Minister Kamp to lead trade mission to Kazakhstan

Dutch Minister of Economic Affairs Henk Kamp will lead a trade mission to Kazakhstan from 24 to 28 November. 20 Dutch entrepreneurs will accompany him to Kazakhstan, which in recent years has experienced strong economic growth of 5 to 6%. The country is among the top ten nations in the world in terms of oil and gas reserves, and also has good prospects for the development of renewable energy sources: Kazakhstan is a producer of solar grade silicon for photovoltaic cells.

During his trip, Minister Kamp will meet with the Prime Minister of Kazakhstan as well as fellow ministers to discuss energy, trade, and mutual investment. He will also travel to the Bolashak refinery near the Kashagan oil field. Kashagan is considered to be the largest oil field discovered in the past 30 years, .

The businesses and research institutes represented in the Minister's delegation are primarily active in the field of energy and infrastructure. In Kazakhstan, they will meet with prospective business partners and present themselves for involvement in projects in the oil and gas sector and in renewable energy.

During his trip, Minister Kamp will participate in the Energy Charter Conference, during which a new, modernized version of the Energy Charter will be negotiated. The Charter, which dates from 1991, was an initiative of the Netherlands. The Energy Charter forms an international political and legal framework for collaboration in the energy sector. The intention is for all 51 member countries to sign the new Energy Charter in The Hague next May.

The Minister expects to have room in his schedule for interviews. Please take the time difference into consideration: Kazakhstan is 4 hours (in Atyrau) to 5 hours (Astana and Almaty) later than Central European Time. For further information or to request an interview, please contact the Minister's spokesperson, Ms Heleen Haverkort: +31(0)6-28547707.