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Video: Leading economist Mariana Mazzucato speaks at the Dutch Ministry of Economic Affairs

The Dutch government must risk making greater investments in knowledge and innovation, according to leading economist Mariana ...

News item | 24-01-2013 | 16:11

Ploumen: opportunities in Brunei for Dutch companies

At some time in the future, the oil and gas fields that form the mainstay of Brunei’s economy, will run dry. For this reason, ...

News item | 22-01-2013 | 16:20

'Member States must take action to enlarge European market’

The single European market has generated many jobs and a great deal of income for the Netherlands. If Member States want to ...

News item | 22-10-2012 | 17:16

'WE keep on growing' project targets women entrepreneurs

'Women entrepreneurs must close the gap with their male counterparts,' said Minister Verhagen of Economic Affairs, Agriculture ...

News item | 17-10-2012 | 13:23

Bavaria stands to benefit from Dutch energy expertise

By making use of Dutch knowledge and expertise in the field of energy, Bavaria can avoid becoming wholly dependent on energy from ...

News item | 10-10-2012 | 13:30

New port terminal to help cut food waste

Rotterdam will receive a new port dedicated to the storage, transfer, and transport of fruit, vegetables, fish, and meat. The new ...

News item | 27-09-2012 | 13:12

Rosenthal puts every embassy to work for business

Foreign minister Uri Rosenthal believes that all Dutch embassies should make a concerted effort to assist Dutch business. ‘The ...

News item | 27-09-2012 | 10:04

Further development of Top Sectors in Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation Budget for 2013

The Dutch Government is continuing its policy of strengthening growth potential. This will increase economic resilience and ...

News item | 18-09-2012 | 18:50

‘All eurozone countries must adhere to the agreements’

All countries in the eurozone must adhere to the agreements on restoring public finances and economic reform.

News item | 17-08-2012 | 15:53

Partners for International Business sign first agreement

Government and industry have concluded the first agreement under the Partners for International Business (PIB) programme. NL ...

News item | 02-07-2012 | 16:51