Timmermans welcomes transatlantic talks on emission trading

On 29 October the European affairs minister Frank Timmermans attended the launch in Lisbon of an international platform that will examine scope for extending emission trading systems.

Mr Timmermans lobbied for more intense dialogue on broadening and linking emission trading systems. He said that the EU and other major industrial nations should be prepared to offer industry the investment security necessary to achieve truly effective climate policy, and that this could only be done through a global system for emission trading.

The launch of the International Carbon Action Partnership constitutes an important political signal. But Mr Timmermans said that much still had to be achieved before such an international system could actually be put in place, and that the Netherlands was therefore keen to offer its expertise. The Netherlands has amassed considerable expertise in the field of international financial markets and has built up a reputation as a pioneer in the field of tradable emission rights. The Minister hoped to involve Dutch industry in the project and thus to provide ICAP with Dutch expert support.