5 million euros for ‘Driving on hydrogen’

The Minister of Transport, Public Works and Water Management, Camiel Eurlings, is making five million euros available for companies that take part in trials involving the use of hydrogen fuel in transport. The subsidy will encourage the development and acceptance of hydrogen technology in transport.

Entrepreneurs can make use of this subsidy to carry out projects in which hydrogen plays a role in the supply and transfer of power in transport. A subsidy is also available for the continued development of the technology’s applicability. Applications should pertain to the use of passenger cars and lorries, buses and mobile machines.

The ‘Driving on Hydrogen’ trial is conducted within the framework of the Clean and Efficient programme. It is one of the trials launched by the Minister to encourage new forms of sustainable mobility. In addition to hydrogen, there are also trials underway for electric vehicles and hybrid vehicles. A total of 10 million euros has been made available for these trials. For new technologies that can make cars more fuel-efficient, the subsidy programme ‘Car of the Future’ was launched. A sum of 1.8 million euros has been made available to this programme. These efforts are meant to harmonise the development of technologies and the actual application of these technologies.

Applications can be submitted until 31 March 2010 at Senternovem. The available budget will be allocated on the basis of a tender system.