International conference on agriculture, food security and climate

At the beginning of November the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation will host a conference on agriculture, food security and climate. The former Minister Gerda Verburg made this announcement today, on the eve of the meeting of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development in New York. The conference will be held in The Hague. The agreements reached here could contribute to a possible climate agreement at the major climate conference in Mexico in December.

Former Minister Verburg: "Sustainable agriculture can contribute to feeding the growing world population. Agriculture provides a firm economic basis for every country. Good sustainable agriculture improves the yield per hectare, absorbs more CO2, and calls a halt to water depletion, erosion and loss of biodiversity. Agriculture is part of the solution to the impact of climate change."

The Netherlands is organising the conference in conjunction with international organisations such as the FAO and the World Bank, and other countries such as Norway, New Zealandand Ethiopia. The conference will deliver agreements for sustainable development of agriculture throughout the world. This will bring us closer to a solution to the global food problem, and help to reduce the impact of climate change. In the past year, as chair of the UN Commission on Sustainable Development, Minister Verburg has drawn the attention of various international organisations to this opportunity for agriculture. Now, for example, the FAO is to set up an agriculture and climate fund, and, within the OECD, more attention is given to sustainable agriculture as a firm economic basis for strengthening food security and combating climate change.