The Netherlands contributes 200 million euros to climate policy

In 2013, the Netherlands will contribute a total of 200 million euros to international climate funding. State Secretary Mansveld (Infrastructure & the Environment) made this announcement with the agreement of the cabinet on behalf of the Netherlands at the UN climate summit in Doha, Qatar. The Netherlands has fulfilled its agreements within the framework of Fast Start Finance (agreements on financing for 2010 to 2012 made in Copenhagen). Although the Fast Start Finance programme is now coming to an end, in 2013 the Netherlands will continue to provide international climate funding to developing countries.

“In the years ahead, we will be working more closely with companies and knowledge institutions to contribute to combating climate change and its consequences. The innovations and financial strength of these parties is essential to meet the challenges of climate change together with the government. Examples of fields in which this offers opportunities are: international cooperation in water management, food security and energy. The involvement of companies and knowledge institutions is a key factor in the Dutch strategy,” according to State Secretary Mansveld.