The Netherlands recycles know-how to reduce Indonesia’s waste heap

Today, Minister for the Environment Dijksma is visiting Bantar Gebang, the largest waste heap in South East Asia, near Jakarta. The working visit has been scheduled in the context of the Dutch Cabinet’s trade and climate mission to Indonesia. Waste greatly exacerbates the Indonesian climate issue. Thirty percent of greenhouse gas emissions is caused by waste. Bantar Gebang produces 25,000 tonnes of methane per annum, which corresponds to the emissions generated by 100,000 passenger cars. Among other things, Dutch companies will provide Indonesia with experts to assist in improving the waste sorting, collection, and reuse process.

King of waste processing

Minister Dijksma: “The Netherlands is King of Waste Processing. Waste is a mega cause of greenhouse gases, and our companies are more than willing to offer their services to help resolve this climate issue. After all, waste is a business too.”

Trade agreement

Tomorrow, in the presidential palace, Minister Dijksma and her Indonesian counterpart Siti Nurbaya Bakar will conclude an agreement regarding wide-ranging collaboration in the fields of waste processing, the circular economy, and combating climate change.