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Climate Agenda: mitigation, adaptation and business sense

Climate change is a given, but the government aims to minimise the impact of this change through an effective combination of ...

News item | 04-10-2013 | 17:14

Higher fines for deviating from shipping route north of the Frisian Islands

Vessels that deviate from the prescribed shipping route north of the Frisian Islands could soon face higher fines. Today the ...

News item | 28-06-2013 | 15:34

State Secretary Mansveld: “Brussels must arrive at an accurate car test quickly”

State Secretary Mansveld (Infrastructure & the Environment) wants Brussels to come up quickly with a new and better method to ...

News item | 19-06-2013 | 14:10

State Secretary Mansveld tackles microplastics in cosmetics and personal care products

There should be a European-wide ban on microplastics in cosmetics products and products like bath foam and toothpaste. This is ...

News item | 16-04-2013 | 10:26

Mansveld: the Netherlands is preparing for driving on hydrogen fuel cells

The number of hydrogen filling stations will be increased over the next two years in order to allow the Dutch population to ...

News item | 10-04-2013 | 15:00

Kyoto Protocol extended

Wilma Mansveld, State Secretary of Infrastructure & the Environment, is satisfied about the outcome of the climate summit in ...

News item | 11-12-2012 | 15:44

The Netherlands contributes 200 million euros to climate policy

In 2013, the Netherlands will contribute a total of 200 million euros to international climate funding. State Secretary Mansveld ...

News item | 11-12-2012 | 14:16

Brazil and the Netherlands make agreements on sustainable biofuels

In the coming two years, Brazil and the Netherlands will intensify their collaboration on the development of biofuels that meet ...

News item | 28-06-2012 | 16:36

Safety and care first in nuclear energy

Lessons from events in Japan will play a part in determining the criteria for a new nuclear energy power station in the ...

News item | 26-09-2011 | 11:42

Dutch support for world’s crop gene banks

The Netherlands has contributed 2.5 million USD to the Global Crop Diversity Trust, which is responsible for safeguarding unique ...

News item | 11-08-2011 | 13:37