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Évaluation de la coopération au sein de l’Union Benelux du point de vue des Pays-Bas

The Benelux Union (BU) is an intergovernmental organisation consisting of three Member States: Belgium, the Netherlands and ...

Publication | 06-03-2013

State of the European Union 2013: ‘Building bridges in Europe’

In case of discrepancies between the Dutch and English language versions, the Dutch text is leading.

Letter | 15-02-2013

Beziehungen, Ergebnisse und Ertrag (in German)

Report | 30-11-2012

IOB-Infobrief 12 08 - Evaluierung der Zusammenarbeit in der Benelux-Union aus niederländischer Perspektive

Leaflet | 01-11-2012

Lettre d'Information IOB 12 08 - Evaluation Benelux

Leaflet | 01-11-2012

Government response to legal proposals Common Agricultural Policy

Letter to the parliament about the legal proposals for the Common Agricultural Policy (CAP) 2014-2020.

Parliamentary document | 28-10-2011

Q+A New social security rules in the EU

From 1 May 2010, it will be easier for EU citizens to live and work in other Member States. New agreements have been made in the ...

Leaflet | 24-08-2011

Utrecht Conference Speech

Speech by the Minister for European Affairs and International Cooperation, Ben Knapen, at the 21st Utrecht Conference, The Hague.

Speech | 20-04-2011

Speech by Minister Knapen at the at the IKV Pax Christi and GPPAC symposium

IKV Pax Christi and GPPAC symposium ‘Peacebuilding, Statebuilding and Situations of Fragility’, The Hague

Speech | 06-04-2011

EU must do more for the Arab world

European values cherished just as dearly by our southern neighbours The EU has a particular responsibility to support the ...

Media article | 21-02-2011