German-Netherlands Corps trains international units

In the past two weeks, the headquarters of 1 (German/Netherlands) Corps led a large-scale international exercise, with German, Dutch and Norwegian units taking part. Exercise Noble Sword took place in Wildflecken, Germany.

For 1 GE Division from Hannover, the exercise was a preparation for its deployment as headquarters of ISAF Regional Command North in 2011. As parts of 1 GNC have already been deployed on several occasions as headquarters in Kabul, they were able to share their “lessons learned” and experiences during the exercise.

Battle Group

13 Mechanised Brigade from Oirschot and a Norwegian brigade used the international exercise as a work-up for their coming deployment to the European Battle Group. The Netherlands will be supplying several units and staffs to the battle group.

Multinational Unit

In name, 1 GNC appears to be a binational unit but is, in fact, a multinational headquarters comprising 12 nationalities. The headquarters is one of NATO’s rapidly deployable headquarters and is capable, after political decision-making, of deploying into theatre within 20-30 days, both within and outside the NATO treaty area.

For the Netherlands, the army corps also offers the opportunity of training units at brigade level and preparing a large number of Dutch military personnel of all ranks for the international operational level.