The Netherlands and the European Union

The Netherlands is one of the founding members of the European Union (EU). It works together with the other member states for a strong Europe.

Why we need a strong European Union

The Netherlands needs a strong European Union.

  • To make sure the EU stays a safe place where people can live in peace.
  • To promote and protect the Netherlands’ interests in the world.
  • Because the Dutch economy depends on the free movement of goods and capital within the EU.

As an EU member state, the Netherlands is involved in making decisions about EU legislation. The Netherlands always looks carefully at whether it is better to regulate a particular matter at European level or to leave it up to the individual member states.

The Netherlands’ priorities in the European Union

The Netherlands aims to work on major issues that affect many member states. It is in the interests of all Dutch people for the EU to achieve results on these issues. The main priorities for the years ahead are:

  • Migration
  • Safety and security
  • A strong and sustainable economy
  • Climate change
  • Defending the EU’s interests and values around the world.

In order to achieve results in these areas, the EU needs an adequate budget. And the EU institutions need to be able to do their work effectively and efficiently.