FIOD arrest five suspects in skimming investigation

The Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service FIOD has arrested four men and one women from Romania and Moldavia who are being suspected of skimming. The FIOD started the investigation, when on 6 December 2009 Customs came across a Romanian man with a large amount of money at Schiphol Airport. This money courier came from Mexico, was arrested and is still in custody.

After the money courier's arrest at Schiphol, the FIOD searched a house in Hoofddorp last month. During the search, four other suspects were arrested. In addition, computers, telephones and a large amount of skimming equipment were seized, among other things.

Currently, the money courier is still in custody. On Thursday, the four suspects who were arrested recently were brought before the District Court of Haarlem sitting in camera.

The investigation by the FIOD, which is directed by the Public Prosecution Service in Haarlem, location Schiphol Airport, is still pending. More arrests are not ruled out.