Customs drugs figures 2009

Thanks to detection dog Kay, Customs seized 4,153 kilos of cocaine in 2009. In addition, 32 kilos of heroin, 3,450 kilos of hashish and 13,415 kilos of marihuana were seized.

The number of seizures of cocaine in air freight have increased. This increase is mainly caused by findings in gifts coming from Surinam. Last year, Customs only found heroin in air cargos. Almost all hashish found in 2009 are the result of a haul on board of sailing yacht in the Wadden Sea on 8 August. With more than 13 tons of marihuana, much more was intercepted compared to previous years. This increase has not only been caused by four container hauls but also by four extraordinary large hauls at Schiphol Airport in air cargos from Thailand.

It is apparent from the above figures that an intensive tackling of the smuggling of narcotics continues to be necessary. A new development is that smugglers are becoming more and more flexible and quick in finding new transit countries and routes. Customs are keeping track of new developments. The approach of Customs is very effective, because Customs work risk-directed and can deploy capacity where the highest risks are. That is why Customs are able to take action to the maximum in case of new trends and developments.