145 kilos of cocaine intercepted in the port of Rotterdam

Customs and the National Investigation Service have intercepted 145 kilos of cocaine in the port of Rotterdam in a container coming from Peru. The narcotics were hidden in the reel of a winch. Two Customs sniffer dogs reacted positively after a small hole had been drilled in the reel. The narcotics have a value of five million euros.

In the core of the reel, 47 round and rectangular packages with cocaine were found hidden in a welded-up steel pipe. The National Investigation Service of the National Police Services Agency (KLPD) had followed the container after it had been delivered in the city of Spijkenisse on Friday, 4 February. There the reel was removed from the container and brought to a shed in Rucphen on Tuesday last week.

On Tuesday, 8 February, the National Investigation Service arrested three men who are suspected of being involved in the shipping of the narcotics. One of them is the lessee of the shed in Rucphen, a 54-year old man from Hoeve. The other suspects are a 57-year old citizen of Rotterdam and a 34-year old man of Colombian nationality.

Accident on the A58

The man of Colombian nationality could be arrested on Tuesday evening on the motorway A58 near Ulvenhout. The car in which he was a passenger was involved with a very high speed in an accident. A co-suspect, a 47-year old Venezuelan, was seriously injured as a result of the accident and died in hospital later that night. The driver and a fourth passenger disappeared after the accident.

During the search of the houses of the suspects and the shed in Rucphen, laptops, mobile phones, documents and a car were seized. The car wrecked on the A58, an Audi S8 with false number plates, was seized as well.

The three suspects will be brought before the Examining Magistrate in Rotterdam on Friday, 11 February. It is quite possible that more arrests will be made.