Customs intercept in excess of 110,000 euro

In the past few weeks Customs at Schiphol Airport have done some remarkable hauls.

On 5 April Customs arrested a 14 year-old Croatian girl in possession of 76 notes of 500 euro travelling on a fake Rumanian identity document. She came from Italy and was travelling alone. Because of her youthful age the girl was placed under secure protection. A guardian has been appointed by the Child Care and Protection Board.

Two weeks earlier, on 23 March an amount of almost 75,000 euro was seized during a check of a flight coming from Curaçao. The suspect, a 28 year-old man from Maarssen, was travelling with this amount without declaring it to customs.

The money was found in several packets of 10,000 euro hidden in socks and shoes.

The Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD) at Schiphol Airport, headed by the Haarlem Public Prosecution Service, location Schiphol, is further investigating both cases. If you enter or leave the European Union with more than 10,000 euro in liquid assets, you have to declare it to Customs. This is to combat illegal activities such as 'money laundering' or financing of terrorist activities.