Travellers see beach pedlar at Schiphol Airport

Each year Customs inform holidaymakers about what they can and cannot import from abroad. This year, Customs employ to that end, among other things, a beach pedlar and an enormous smartphone at Schiphol Airport.

This month, tourists at Schiphol Airport can run into a beach pedlar, a vendor dressed up in colourful clothing and draped with fake handbags, watches, necklaces, and the like, who tries to seduce tourists to buy his goods. But buying and importing these products is forbidden, as the beach pedlar subsequently informs them.

Tourists can also play with a huge smartphone at Schiphol Airport, with which they can test and download the OK app of Customs. This application, which can be installed on everybody's smartphone, shows the import rules and explains per country which goods are popular with tourists and what they have to be aware of.

Apart from that, Customs also have an information stand at Schiphol Airport on certain days. Tourists can get all extensive information here and ask questions. All sorts of goods seized are shown at the stand. For instance, fake goods and also endangered animal and plant species that have been seized.