Do not buy fake weapons abroad

Each year, tourists buy fake weapons abroad and take these home to the Netherlands. These fake weapons are freely available in particular in South European countries, such as Spain and Greece, because the local weapons legislation there is less strict than in our country. In the Netherlands, fake weapons are forbidden and possessing one is severely punished.

Fake weapons closely resemble real weapons. For example, they are offered for sale as toy weapons or as parts of a game computer, but also as lighters in the shape of pistols or hand grenades. At first sight, it is difficult to distinguish fake weapons from real ones, even for experts. The external differences are minimal. Criminals are happy to take advantage of this fact. During an armed robbery, the victims do not see the difference between a real weapon or a fake one. Showing a fake weapon in public, even in a game, can provoke an aggressive atmosphere or give rise to violence.

During the next summer months, Customs will check incoming passengers extra strictly for fake weapons at Amsterdam Schiphol Airport, Rotterdam-The Hague Airport, Maastricht-Aachen Airport, Groningen Airport Eelde and Eindhoven Airport. Freight and mail packages will be checked as well at Schiphol Airport so as to prevent that these weapons enter The Netherlands on a large scale. The Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary will support Customs during this action.

Passengers who take fake weapons to the Netherlands are punishable and will be prosecuted under criminal law, even young people. The weapon will be seized and the owner will be punished with a heavy fine.