Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary and Customs intercept 42 kilos of cocaine

Friday evening, detectives of the Schiphol Team, a cooperation of the Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary and Customs, arrested a 29-year old Mexican at Schiphol Airport on the suspicion of being involved in the importing of 22 kilos of cocaine that were found in his suitcase.

On Saturday a Mexican man of the same age was arrested with more than 20 kilos of cocaine in his suitcase. After his arrest, it turned out that he was also wanted for the money laundering of 85,000 euros, for which he has still to serve a prison sentence of four months.

Both suspects have been taken into police custody and imprisoned in the detention centre at Schiphol-Oost. The Schiphol Team will further investigate the arrested suspects under the direction of the Public Prosecution Service of Haarlem.