Supervisory bodies and companies decrease red tape for import

In the presence of State Secretary Frans Weekers of Finance, the representatives of trade and industry, Customs and the new Food and Consumer Product Safety Authority have signed a cooperation agreement of Supd@x. This concept for chain cooperation will improve the competitive position of trade and industry in the port of Rotterdam.

Supd@x supports a considerable shortening of the processing time and decreasing of red tape. The import of fish and meat in the port of Rotterdam will save 6 to 8 million euros per year. In addition, Customs will strengthen their control of the import processes when Supd@x is put into operation.

This development in Rotterdam is in line with the Digital of Minister Verhagen and the recent recommendations of the Topteam Logistiek. In addition, it means an important step towards the Single Window for trade and transport. This Single Window should lead to less red tape and facilitate trade and more efficient government action. The introduction of Supd@x to other chains, (main) ports and transport modalities is in preparation, among other things at Schiphol Airport.

Supd@x has originated from a public-private cooperation and is facilitated by the programme Slim geregeld, goed verbonden (Sggv) of the Ministry of Economic Affairs, Agriculture and Innovation. The signing marks the transfer of this first introduction of Supd@x to Customs by the Ministry.