Customs find €158,000 in luggage

On Saturday 27 August Customs officers at Schiphol Airport found a large quantity of euro banknotes in the luggage of a Chinese woman and her niece.

During inspection of the woman’s handbag the officers found €18,000 euro. Subsequently, in a side pocket of her trolley suitcase they discovered another €70,000. The girl’s shoulder bag was searched too and contained a further €70,000.

The Fiscal Intelligence and Investigation Service (FIOD) at Schiphol Airport is investigating the matter under the direction of the Haarlem Public Prosecution Service, location Schiphol. In the meantime the woman has been brought before the examining judge of the court at Schiphol who decided, for the time being, to remand her in custody for 14 days.

When a traveller enters or leaves the European Union with 10,000 euro or more in liquid assets, this has to be declared to Customs. This is to combat illegal activities such as money laundering or financing of terrorist activities.