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Rutte and Ploumen in China programme

On 15 and 16 November 2013 Prime Minister Mark Rutte will pay an official visit to China, accompanied by Minister for Foreign ...

News item | 08-11-2013 | 16:23

Construction Products Regulation to enter into force in July

Bricks, insulating material, pipes, doors and other construction products must help to make our homes and other buildings safe ...

News item | 28-06-2013 | 08:39

Netherlands asked to build powdered milk plants in China

Powdered milk shortages in the Netherlands was one of the issues discussed in a meeting between foreign trade minister Lilianne ...

News item | 08-05-2013 | 00:00

Customs find €158,000 in luggage

On Saturday 27 August Customs officers at Schiphol Airport found a large quantity of euro banknotes in the luggage of a Chinese ...

News item | 08-09-2011 | 14:42

Man arrested in Moldavia for fraud with alcoholic beverages

Friday, 5 August, a 41-year-old Dutchman was arrested in Moldavia for forgery and tax fraud in an investigation of the Dutch ...

News item | 23-08-2011 | 14:20

Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary and Customs intercept 42 kilos of cocaine

Friday evening, detectives of the Schiphol Team, a cooperation of the Royal Netherlands Military Constabulary and Customs, ...

News item | 31-07-2011 | 14:00

Customs find 8 kilos of cocaine floating on the river Scheldt

The crew of a Customs boat chanced upon a shipment of cocaine last Tuesday. The 8 kilos of hard drugs floated in the mouth of the ...

News item | 22-07-2011 | 14:15

Supervisory bodies and companies decrease red tape for import

In the presence of State Secretary Frans Weekers of Finance, the representatives of trade and industry, Customs and the new Food ...

News item | 14-07-2011 | 14:03

Do not buy fake weapons abroad

Each year, tourists buy fake weapons abroad and take these home to the Netherlands. These fake weapons are freely available in ...

News item | 13-07-2011 | 15:01

Travellers see beach pedlar at Schiphol Airport

Each year Customs inform holidaymakers about what they can and cannot import from abroad. This year, Customs employ to that end, ...

News item | 05-07-2011 | 13:57