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Expert and youth panel: Five entries Divorce Challenge declared front runners

On Wednesday 14 December, in the presence of Minister Van der Steur (Security and Justice), the so-called five front runners of ...

News item | 14-12-2016 | 13:52

Government Committee: Amend the legislation on parentage and custody

Every child has an interest in having his or her parentage regulated as soon after birth as possible. The current variety of ...

News item | 07-12-2016 | 13:45

Heirs better protected

Minister Van der Steur ( Security and Justice) wants to better protect heirs from debts of the estate. An amendment to the law of ...

News item | 11-06-2015 | 21:05

Laws taking effect

News item | 01-04-2014 | 14:05

Government sets up national commission to review parenthood

Over the next two years, a national commission will be examining issues associated with legal parenthood, multiple parenthood, ...

News item | 21-02-2014 | 11:04

Surname change charges raised to cover the costs

In 2011, the charges for changing one’s surname will be raised to EUR 835 to cover the costs. The Council of Ministers has agreed ...

News item | 29-04-2011 | 15:59

Civil action against forced marriage

The Cabinet wants to improve marriage freedom by further reducing forced marriages and restricting the recognition of marriages ...

News item | 29-04-2011 | 15:49

Complex subject of surrogate motherhood requires further orientation

State Secretary of Security and Justice Teeven will organise an expert meeting on the subject of surrogate motherhood at the end ...

News item | 01-03-2011 | 11:13

Increasing Number of Child Abduction Cases Settled Amicably

In an increasing number of child return requests in cases of international child abduction to the Netherlands, the issue is being ...

News item | 01-03-2011 | 11:09

Minister Hirsch Balling pays a brief visit to Morocco

Next Monday, Minister of Justice Hirsch Ballin will pay a brief visit to his Moroccan counterpart, Minister of Justice Naciri.

News item | 15-09-2010 | 10:22

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