No More Food to Waste-conference brings together stakeholders food system

The Netherlands, together with the FAO, is proud to announce the international conference 'No More Food To Waste - Global action to stop food waste and food losses'. This international conference will be held from 16-19 June 2015 in the World Forum convention center in The Hague, The Netherlands and will include a high level session on 18 June 2015.

Wide range of relevant stakeholders in food system

The conference aims to bring together a wide range of relevant stakeholders in the food system, including governments, international organizations, private sector, non-governmental organizations, philanthropic foundations, local community producers, and the scientific community to share experiences and demonstrate combined action in partnerships in the food chain.


FAO estimates that each year approximately one-third of all food produced for human consumption in the world is either lost or wasted. Food losses and food waste are consequences of the way food supply chains function, technically, culturally and economically. Food waste and food losses along the food chain vary by region and product.

The conference will try to find answers to questions such as:

  • What innovations, cooperation, partnerships and coordination are needed to stop food waste and food losses?
  • How do improving infrastructure, better storage chains, more efficient distribution systems, contracts between different actors in the supply chain and responsible consumer behavior contribute to reducing losses and valorizing waste?
  • Do we have all the technology needed to reduce losses and valorise waste? If so, why are these not being used?
  • Do we need new technological or social innovations?
  • How do we involve all stakeholders?
  • Which actions will be effective and efficient?

Objective of the conference

The main outcome of the conference will be a concrete action plan, initiated and supported by the involved stakeholders. This conference therefore will include stakeholders from the food industry, retail, farmers, IGO’s, NGO’s, civil society, scientists and national and international policymakers.