What does the duty to report mean for foreign nationals working in the Netherlands?

Employers from other EU member states must give advance notice of the arrival of their employees coming to the Netherlands on a temporary assignment and the kind of work they will be doing. They can do so in the Dutch online system for reporting posted workers.

Checking reported information about foreign workers

The Dutch client or company must check whether the foreign workers have been reported and whether the information is correct, and must correct any errors through the online reporting system.

When does the duty to report come into force?

The duty to report comes into force in the Netherlands as of 1 March 2020.

Who has a duty to report?

The duty to report applies to self-employed persons in certain sectors and employers from the European Economic Area (EEA) and Switzerland who will be working in the Netherlands temporarily. This includes:

  • self-employed persons and foreign employers who come to the Netherlands with their own personnel;   
  • multinational companies that second employees to their own offices in the Netherlands;
  • temporary employment agencies that assign agency workers to a temporary job in the Netherlands.

Where can I find the regulations on the duty to report?

You can find the regulations, in Dutch, at wetten.overheid.nl. Specifically, they are set out in the Employment Conditions (Posted Workers in the European Union) Act and the Employment Conditions (Posted Workers in the European Union) Decree.