Reporting temporary and occasional work in a regulated profession by a foreign EU worker

If you are an EU citizen and would like to work in the Netherlands in a regulated (protected) profession – for example as a lawyer or teacher – then you need Dutch recognition of your professional qualifications. If you only want to work on a temporary or occasional basis, you do not need recognition of your professional qualifications, as prior notification is sufficient.

Last updated on 14 May 2021

Temporary and occasional work

You are only permitted to practise a regulated profession if you have the legally required professional qualifications. There are requirements in terms of educational qualifications, diplomas or certificates and experience. In the case of temporary and occasional work, you do not need recognised professional qualifications. In that case, prior notification is sufficient. Whether your stay is indeed ‘temporary and occasional’ will be assessed with each application. The assessment will take into account the duration, frequency, regularity and continuity of the work.

Reporting temporary or occasional work

You must notify a recognised institution (‘competent authority’) of temporary or occasional work. Nuffic can provide the necessary information regarding which authority you will need to contact.

Laws and regulations (in Dutch)

General Law on the recognition of EC professional qualifications

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