Valuable research into the better utilisation of inland waterways

On Tuesday 18 February, Minister Schultz van Haegen of Infrastructure and the Environment was presented with the research results of the Dynamic Traffic Management on Inland Waterways (IDVV) programme. Together with market parties, a study was conducted into how decision-makers in the logistics chain can better utilise inland waterways.

Koos Tromp (Heineken, on the right in the photo) presented the research report to Minister Schultz van Haegen in the company of IDVV programme director Jacco de Kok.

Minister Schultz: ‘We want to better utilise the strengths of inland waterways, such as price and sustainability. Increasingly more shipping agents are choosing for sustainability. This means that the position of inland waterways should be regularly examined and strengthened. After all, the better utilisation of inland waterways leads to fewer lorries on the roads and to better accessibility. And that is exactly where the value of the IDVV programme and the report lies: this programme makes the sector more intelligent.


‘The major insight the research programme delivered is that we now have a very clear picture of the Dutch inland waterways network and the challenges we will be facing in the years ahead if we are to give inland waterways an even better position in the logistics chain. Heineken also has very positive experiences with inland waterways. Over the past five years, we have made great strides in this area and this research supports our choice,’ according to Koos Tromp, member of the IDVV research advisory board and Customer Service & Logistics Director at Heineken.

Research programme

The IDVV research programme was aimed at building up knowledge regarding goods transport by water. In the future, inland waterways should account for a larger proportion of the transport system in order to transport growing amounts of goods reliably, quickly and sustainably. Together with market parties, we are investigating how we can make inland waterways more attractive for decision-makers in the logistics chain.

The studies are focused on: the modernisation of inland waterways, utilisation of infrastructure, coordination in the chain, clean vessels and innovations in inland navigation.

Dynamic Traffic Management on Inland Waterways (IDVV) Incentive Programme

Authorities, knowledge institutions, inland navigation authorities, transporters, shipping agents, ports and terminals are collaborating in the Dynamic Traffic Management on Inland Waterways (IDVV) incentive programme with the aim of better utilising inland waterways.