European grant for Dutch infrastructure projects

This year, the Netherlands will receive a grant of 23 million euros from Brussels to support infrastructure projects. Four million euros will be allocated to the creation of truck parking facilities in the provinces of Zuid-Holland, Brabant, and Limburg; a sum of 10 million euros has been earmarked for the improvement of goods transhipment in the inland shipping and rail transport sectors. EU funding to the amount of 3 million euros has been set aside for the construction of 75,000 bicycle stands in the cities of Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht.

These grants have been made available under the EU Trans European Network-Transport programme (TEN-T). This programme is aimed at creating a single cross border main network for land, water and air transport within the European Union. The projects have been submitted by the Ministry of Infrastructure and Water Management. A grant totalling 69 million euros has been awarded to 11 projects in which Dutch parties are involved. 23 million euros will go directly to the Netherlands. Today, the European member states approved the European Commission’s intended decision regarding the allocation of the funds.

Truck parking places

With the provinces of Zuid-Holland, Brabant, and Limburg, the Ministry has reeled in 4 million euros for the creation of secure private truck parking facilities in the vicinity of the main motorways used for transport to and from the Port of Rotterdam. An additional 800 long-term parking spaces will be constructed at the existing truck parking facilities in Rotterdam, Asten, and Venlo, and at the new De Kilt truck park near Dordrecht. Within the context of this project, the parking places will be connected to a digital system that provides real-time insight into the available spaces at the private truck parking facilities. In addition, the North Sea Ports authority will receive 800,000 euros for the creation of a secure truck park with 250 places near Borsele.

Minister Van Nieuwenhuizen is pleased with this grant from the European Commission: ‘There is a great need for additional spaces at the secure truck parking facilities with full amenities along our major transport corridors to and from the Port of Rotterdam. This will relieve the overcrowded service areas directly along the motorways, which are intended for short-term parking only. It will also help to tackle issues with trucks that are currently being parked on the hard shoulders along the motorway.’


Brussels is going to contribute 3 million euros to the construction of 75,000 bicycle parking spaces in Amsterdam, Rotterdam, and Utrecht. The grant will be used for investments under a broad-based action plan, aimed at creating 150,000 bicycle parking facilities near 47 railway stations in the Netherlands. ‘A good thing,’ State Secretary Stientje van Veldhoven commented. ‘In many cases, a bicycle is the fastest way to travel short distances, especially in the city. It is essential, however, for people to be able to properly park their bicycles. That is why, in the years ahead, we will be constructing a great many additional bicycle parking facilities. We are pleased that the EU is helping us to achieve this goal.’


The Rotterdam World Gateway terminal, the Rail Service Centre at the Eemhaven, and the Moerdijk Port Authority will receive some 10 million euros amongst themselves to improve freight transhipment to inland vessels and railways. Among other purposes, the funds will be used to construct two container cranes.
In addition, the facilities for transhipment between road and rail transport will be enhanced: last year, the State Secretary already announced her commitment to the further reinforcement of the railway freight sector, among other ways by soliciting European grants.